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"Can I recommend a really fantastic company to work with who build websites? (and they do all other computer related work) Acre Pc built my website. They were wonderfully patient, informative, creative, knowledgeable and all round just fantastic to work with.. They guided me every step of the way with what was needed for the site. Thank you Acre PC - Sarah, Matthew, Brad and Nigel for all your work on my site."

Emma Prill - Artist

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"As a Health Care facility that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, uninterrupted and simple to use ICT is imperative.
Acre PC’s work to upgrade our phone system to a more reliable, fit for purpose and well supported set up has made such a difference to our day to day operations. Phones are now the last thing on our minds and we can focus on our service delivery.

We were offered different options for hardware, software and payment, so we could select to suit our functional needs and budget. The transition was carried out in stages to minimise disruption and the appropriate training was given to staff. Our new set up is simpler from a user perspective and has been configured to make use of added value functionality, such as door cameras.

When we enquire about additions to our network we are always provided with quotes and options. Not only is our ICT network more reliable, it is well supported. Acre PC liaise with our suppliers for us, a service which is included in our support contract, and when we call for support, advice or information the phone is always answered by a human and the response is always professional and friendly.

The service and support we receive from Acre PC allows us to focus on delivering a supportive community service without worrying about ICT. We have never looked back."

Traci Fricker - Bethlehem Birthing Centre

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I would like to thank you and all your team for all the help I have received over the last few months with the upgrade of our systems at NZHRA. Although I seemed to be calling you every 5mins, it appears that everything is working well now. You and your staff have been extremely patient, reliable and friendly to work with which made things a lot easier for me.
Once again thank you.

- New Zealand Hotrod Association –  Donna Morrison, Administration Officer.
The New Zealand Hotrod Association Uses Acre PC for all their IT needs
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Acre PC have been providing our IT needs since the business began with 2 PCs and a back up drive 10 years ago. Today we have 13 staff and Acre PC continue to meet all our IT needs in a very timely and efficient manner. They have helped us grow by developing remote access for us.
We deal a lot with Acre PC's team, and appreciate their prompt responses to any of our problems, and the fact they really know their stuff.

- Kliptank – Simone Gibson, general manager.
Kliptank uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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“We have used Acre PC for 10 years and they have continued to offer a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable level of service.
The team have overseen our transfer to fibre for higher computing speeds and voice over internet phone systems. Acre PC staff take the time to understand our business and tailor a system that works for you.
Acre have also helped us move to “cloud” storage, and they have always kept ahead of the game in technology – I recommend them to anyone who needs a quality computing service.”

- G3 Financial Freedom – Charlene Overell, director.
G3 Financial Freedom uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"The team at Acre PC are always there if we ever have problems with emails or network issues. Nothing is ever too small for them to address – they appreciate we are teachers rather than “techie” people and come out to help whenever needed, either straight away, or as soon as they possibly can.
Our business is expanding with a new branch in Te Puke and we are using Acre PC to set up all our IT needs, and our future new branches. They understand our special needs, like having music playing in reception, they organised that for us. Nothing is ever too big a deal for them.”

- Above and Beyond Daycare  - Olivia Thompson, Principal.
Above and Beyond uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"Acre PC have been excellent – they have come in and identified the weaknesses in our system, designed a system we can replace it with, and have gone and upgraded it.
We have moved to more cloud storage, upgraded our hardware and gone with fibre cabling – for us it is about being safe, the more you rely upon computers, you need a system that is reliable and well supported.
Acre PC will go out of their way to be here if we need them urgently. We have other projects we want to use them for in the future.

- Florentines – Greg Knight, Managing Director.
Florentines uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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We really enjoy working with the team at Acre PC.
They keep us young in the technology world!
It's great knowing that the IT part of our business is taken care of for us on a day to day basis by the experts. If problems occur, their service is very prompt whether it be visiting on-site or remedying the problem remotely.
We would highly recommend Acre PC for their service and expertise, they keep an integral part of our business going so we can invest our time doing what we do best - building great furniture!

- Starex Manufacturing -  Melissa Cooke, Director.
Starex uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"We have been long time clients of Acre PC, and most recently they have helped us establish our digital phone network. They have also saved us significant amounts of money getting us onto Google Apps early on, helping keep things simple and cost effective for us.
They offer a very personal service, and tailor the system to your business. They respond very quickly to any problems we may have and are very easy to get hold of and to work with.
We also work closely with Sarah on the Project Kitchens Website. Every month we touch base and go through the analytics, making decisions that help build traffic and reduce bounce rate. We integrate our social media with our website to reach the optimum number of potential new clients.

- Project Kitchens - Jason Enright, Managing Director.
Project Kitchens uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"Acre PC offer very affordable quotes for work, but also deliver excellent customer service. We have a good relationship with the team, they respond quickly whenever we have any problems.
Their techs will sit in on our meetings with software developers and grill them on what they are offering. This has ensured we have ended up with the right system I could now see some major hiccups with other systems we had seen but did not go with.
Our latest project that the team has suggested has been to have VOIP phone systems installed – these could save us a lot of money operating over the internet.
We are expanding our business, and will be definitely using Acre PC for all our IT needs in our new surgeries.

- Team Dental - Brett Marshall, Managing Director.
Team Dental uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"Our business is clearly demarcated, we provide fibre, copper & 4G internet to clients and Acre PC as one of our partners provide the on-site hardware/data/voice support from there. We consider Acre PC to be one of the top providers we would recommend for someone coming to us in need of IT services to support their new Full Flavour connection.
Because Acre PC are highly engaged with our business model, our mutual customers get a better result. It's worth noting that while at times you may get other IT providers who do poor work (which then reflects on us), we know our reputation is in good hands when a job is being handled by Acre.

- Full Flavour, Jesse Archer, General Manager.
Full Flavor uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"Nigel has been overseeing our IT system for many years, and we continue to receive exceptional service from him, he really goes above and beyond, and when it comes to charging he appreciates we are a school.
We have been able to shift to Acre for everything including moving to Apple from Toshiba. Acre PC are able to source hardware at a very good price, and most importantly to deliver that hardware promptly – teachers feel naked without their technology!
Nigel has also been giving his time freely to run a Code Class for children after school once a week. It is proving very popular, with numbers growing all the time in this important skill area.

- Omokoroa No.1 School, Chris Broadhurst, Principal.
Omokoroa No.1 School uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"We thoroughly recommend Acre PC to everyone. Sarah and Nigel built our new go kart website and created a unique and effective look. The amount of positive response we have had to the new site has been amazing. They are really committed to providing top quality design and service and what we know was they genuinely wanted to help us succeed and gave us 100% effort and enthusiasm. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them in the process of designing our site and our business has definitely moved forward with their fantastic input and assistance."

- Go Karts Direct – Jan Wylie, Director
Go Karts Direct uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"Our mission at Creative Space Architectural Design Ltd is to provide fresh and innovative design solutions that complement the way you live, function and work. We use Acre PC as our IT support partner and appreciate their fast response time, good work and good rates. Nigel took over management of our Linux Server, Linux phone system, computers and network from our previous provider in early 2010 and we were immediately impressed by his ability to pick up a system built by someone else and run with it. He has continued to prove his worth to us, offering good availability of technical help when we need it. Nigel also has an ability to understand unfamiliar systems and make them work for us. We are happy to recommend Acre PC to other business's in the Tauranga area."

- Creative Space

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Creative Space uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.

"We were recommended Acre pc by a friend. Nigel has been a great help whenever we have a problem and especially when setting up new computer systems. He is quick and efficient and very knowledgeable about any computer system. He makes it all seem so easy. We will recommend Acre PC to anybody needing computer help."

- A1 Kitchens

A1 Kitchens and Cabinetmaking uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"Nigel and his team have been looking after our IT for many years and the service they have given us has been excellent. If we do have a problem they are able to help us immediately. We have no hesitation in recommending Acre PC for their technical support."

- Laser Plumbing

Laser Plumbing uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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"A brilliant, efficient service! You guys certainly know your stuff. Many thanks indeed, you've just made my life much easier! "

Forget me not Life Stories

Forget me not life stories uses Acre PC services to help their I.T. related needs.
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